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I was going through some major life transitions when I first started working with Morgan. I had recently moved across the country, got married, had a baby, and shifted careers all within a two year span. It was a lot to deal with, even though they were all great things. Through working with Morgan, I have been able to add tools to my toolbox to process, heal, change, and grow both personally and professionally. Before working with Morgan, I felt that I was floundering through life with no real direction or goal. Now, I have been able to see my path more clearly, and I am embracing the big changes life has in store for me. I seriously could not recommend Morgan’s coaching enough. It’s changed my life course for the better, and I am so grateful.


I highly recommend Morgan K Coaching LLC. During our coaching calls Morgan gives me the space I need to be my authentic self without judgement. The benefits of having her as a life coach are immeasurable. In just a few months my personal growth has sky rocketed. I am more calm, less anxious. My relationship with my kids has improved. I was nominated for and accepted a promotion at work and my side business is flourishing. It's incredible stuff. Message Morgan today. She’s the best.



Morgan’s life coach services came at just the right time in my life. After leaving a job I was not happy with, I worked with Morgan to determine what sparked joy in my life, and to envision every aspect of that life I desired. I enjoyed our 1:1 conversations every month, but especially enjoyed connecting via the Voxer messaging app. This app allowed me to connect in real time with Morgan about things on my mind at that exact moment. I found Morgan messaged back almost instantaneously and found that extremely helpful. Overall, I am extremely grateful to Morgan for giving honest, transparent feedback to really help me discern what I truly desired. Every conversation was very thoughtful and I could truly tell Morgan sincerely cared. I would 100% recommend booking.



I first met Morgan while in the midst of some big life changes and health challenges. Morgan makes me feel seen, heard, understood and worthy. She comes to our sessions without judgement, listens intently, and is really great about following up on what we’d previously spoken about both in future sessions and over text. She has helped me identify where my thinking patterns are no longer serving me, and is helping me transition toward new, more productive ways of processing and relating to the world. I’m so grateful for her support, guidance and warm energy, and I’d highly recommend working with her.




Working with Morgan has been the best choice I’ve made for myself! Being in a transitional place in my life, I was finding it difficult to know where to start to achieve my goals. She’s helped to pinpoint toxic beliefs and redirect them to more useful and true thoughts. Her genuine interest and concern is at the forefront of the sessions and I leave each with a new idea to implement and a renewed trust in myself. Her enthusiastic support and reminders to be kind to myself has been exactly what I need in this season of my life. I highly recommend working with Morgan!


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