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I am a Teacher, Coach, Mother, Businesswoman, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and believer in YOU! I wear many hats; however, it is the work with my own personal healing journey and coming back to and discovering my authentic self, which led me to the path of coaching and energy work.

I was a professional educator for 16 years. I have run a successful business for 6 years and counting.  I am a single Mama, to the BEST kid around… and… I found myself all the way burnt out. Something had to change, and it started with coming back to me.

I clearly remember sitting in my room, paralyzed with a broken heart, and realizing that if my relationship with myself was better, no one person, could hurt me in that way. It was my wake-up call and self-love, and true self-care were my first steps and total game-changers in my journey.


I finally started doing the things that scared me, instead of avoiding them and when I did, my life exponentially got better, and I started growing abundantly; doing and creating things that I used to only dream of. I realized that I was powerful and if I could harness that power to get in alignment with my purpose in this one precious life, then I could truly create the life of my wildest dreams! You can too!

Are you ready to change how you think about, treat, and value yourself? Are you ready to be the powerful woman that you were meant to be, who creates the life of her wildest dreams? Are you ready to work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

I am here to tell you it is possible! 


If you are looking for personal coaching, it begins with committing to yourself, and I am here to support you on your journey every step of the way!

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