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Imagine living a life where you get to be the fullest & most alive version of you


About Morgan K

I am a  Coach, Mentor, Mother, Businesswoman, Yoga Instructor, and believer in YOU!

I wear many hats and titles; however, it is the work with my own personal healing journey and coming back to and (re)discovering my authentic self, which led me to the path of coaching.

I was a professional educator for 16 years. I have run successful businesses for 7 years and counting.  I am a single Mama, to the BEST teen around, and…. years ago, I found myself all the way burnt out. Something had to change, and it started with coming back to mySELF.


About coaching

​Sometimes you want someone to talk to, to hold you accountable, to help you navigate your dreams and vision. Not everyone needs therapy, but everyone can benefit from having a coach and mentor.


Coaching is not a luxury for only the elite. Coaching is perfect for anyone who has goals and desires accountability, anyone who has passion and desires something a little greater than what they are currently experiencing, and anyone who desires to get to know themselves just a little bit better (the last part can feel scary and the work is so worth it!)

I work with women who want to live lives that they are wildly crazy about!


During our coaching calls Morgan gives me the space I need to be my authentic self without judgement. The benefits of having her as a life coach are immeasurable...

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Before working with Morgan, I felt that I was floundering through life with no real direction or goal. Now, I have been able to see my path more clearly, and I am embracing the big changes life has in store for me...

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Morgan makes me feel seen, heard, understood and worthy. She comes to our sessions without judgement, listens intently, and is really great about following up on what we’d previously spoken about both in future sessions and over text...

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I highly recommend Morgan Williams for Life coaching. Her inspiration and motivating conversations changed my life. I was having difficulty focusing on my future goals.  I knew what I envisioned for my future  but did not know the first step....

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